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Study in Canada

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Canada is known for flexible and high quality education and research opportunities. International Students may work full-time after studies via Post Graduation Work Permit. They  may also apply for permanent resident status and if they want, even apply Canadian citizenship!


  • Free Program Consultation: Embark on your academic journey with confidence. Our seasoned experts provide personalized guidance, ensuring you choose the perfect program tailored to your ambitions. Your success story begins with the right program, and we're here to help you find it—for free.

  • Free Admission Assistance: We do not charge a fee for admission assistance. Most of our partner schools waive the admission application fee as well. 

  • Limited Time Offer: With the implementation of the Provincial Attestation Letter requirement, our partner schools want to ensure a higher chance of visa approval for those who will be issued a Letter of Acceptance. We highly recommend that you submit your student visa application with the assistance of an IRCC Authorized Representative.

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